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Siemens Defense Cloud from Siemens Government Technologies

Siemens Defense Cloud

A FedRAMP® Ready, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application suite for turning vast product and process information repositories into actionable data delivered where and when it’s needed the most, helping government agencies achieve better results, faster.

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Harnessing cloud technologies for a competitive advantage

Harnessing cloud technologies for a competitive advantage

As the threat landscape for government and military operations continues to become more complex, competitive, and costly, federal agencies need to operate as efficiently, strategically, and proactively as possible to maintain mission readiness on all fronts. Adopting cloud technologies is critical to ensuring government agencies stay ahead of emerging threats and incorporate technological advancements faster. Siemens Defense Cloud empowers federal agencies to unlock the full potential of their data.

Siemens Defense Cloud from Siemens Government Technologies: A strategic enabler for sustained innovation

Siemens Defense Cloud today offers government agencies the Teamcenter X product lifecycle management (PLM) application as its foundation. Teamcenter X is the FedRAMP Ready version of Siemens Teamcenter, one of the most trusted PLM applications across aerospace and defense for connecting people and processes, improving efficiency, streamlining operations, lowering costs, and innovating faster.

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility
Kristin Cochran

As the need to intelligently harness volumes of data generated by new product technologies and capabilities becomes more urgent, FedRAMP Ready cloud applications are paramount to delivering successful programs on time and on schedule. In a new article, Kristin Cochran, Vice President of Digital Solutions at Siemens Government Technologies, discusses how Siemens Teamcenter and digitalization tools are helping federal agencies advance their digital journeys faster.

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Empowering federal agencies with Siemens Defense Cloud

Accelerate innovation
Accelerate innovation

By enabling faster data collection, analysis, and access, Siemens Defense Cloud helps federal agencies accelerate the adoption of new processes and technologies, scale workflows and leverage information more efficiently through the entire product lifecycle.

Increase operational effectiveness
Increase operational effectiveness

From bill of materials to effective document and change management across every step of the product lifecycle, Siemens Defense Cloud and Teamcenter X increase productivity, improve decision-making and bolster collaboration and ingenuity.

Secure critical systems
Secure critical systems

With the most comprehensive and advanced cybersecurity, Siemens Defense Cloud provides robust and resilient connectivity to protect product development and lifecycle management processes from evolving cyber threats.

Scalable, secure, and instant-on SaaS PLM in the cloud

As the first application from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of software solutions to meet stringent government requirements for safe and secure cloud software applications and services, Teamcenter digitally integrates people, data, processes, and systems across functional silos, providing a common information backbone for federal agencies.

By incorporating digital threads—the integration of all aspects of a given product’s development, production and sustainment data—Teamcenter consolidates disparate, independent systems into one coherent platform, empowering federal agencies to work as a single team to make unified, data-driven decisions with granular transparency at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Scalable, secure, and instant-on SaaS PLM in the cloud
Improving all aspects of acquisition with Siemens Teamcenter

Improving all aspects of acquisition with Siemens Teamcenter

The unmatched breadth and depth of Teamcenter means that federal agencies can leverage new capabilities, overcome process inefficiencies, develop products faster, and significantly lower operational costs.

• Deliver SaaS PLM in the cloud for instant access anytime, anywhere – from the shop floor to the tactical edge

• Control, share, and collaborate across multiple mechanical and electronic design tools

• Accelerate product development by supporting design re-use, managing change, and speeding cycle time

• Invest in predictable, operational expense with minimal IT infrastructure versus capital expense for low cost-of-ownership

• Eliminate the complexity, time, cost and risk of PLM installation, maintenance, and upgrades

• Provide future-ready, modern cloud platform that eliminates technical barriers and helps federal agencies work smarter with the latest technology and cloud microservices

• Streamline product development and manufacturing processes with internal and external stakeholders

• Create a multi domain bill of material (BOM) that can be extended to manufacturing

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The U.S. Air Force selects Teamcenter as its PLM platform

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) selected Siemens’ Teamcenter as the foundational system of record to support its digital acquisition and sustainment strategy for critical systems and technologies. With the robust enterprise PLM solution, the USAF can access time-sensitive and actionable data across the earliest phases of the product lifecycle, resulting in faster product development, lower operational costs, and fewer downtimes.

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