Cloud Solutions for Government

Improve readiness and security with the cloud

Cloud Solutions for Government

For federal agencies that need to modernize systems, increase efficiency, and shore up cyber defenses, cloud solutions from Siemens Government Technologies ensure you’re ready and protected every time, anywhere.

Becoming Cloud Smart

The top priority of the U.S. Federal Government is to be ready—ready to serve citizens, defend interests, and preserve resources. But as physical and cyber threats evolve, federal agencies must adopt new ways to reduce risks and continue to meet mission-critical needs.

Overcome the complexities of cloud migration

Federal agencies recognize the advantages of cloud-based solutions to meet their mission critical needs. However, migrating to the cloud is not without complication.

  • Federal agencies cannot afford downtime during migration
  • Must maintain physical and cybersecurity compliance
  • Need skilled IT personnel to support cloud adoption efforts
  • Must reduce acquisition and operating costs

Leverage true cloud agility with trusted tools and services

Siemens Defense Cloud

Siemens Defense Cloud

A FedRAMP® Ready, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application suite for turning vast product and process information repositories into actionable data.

Mendix Cloud for Government

Mendix Cloud for Government

A FedRAMP® In Process, enterprise-grade application development platform for digital transformation in federal government.

Benefits of FedRAMP

FedRAMP offers a golden opportunity for federal agencies to save time and effort while securing and modernizing their network, which is crucial to an increasingly data-driven and cloud-reliant federal workforce. Cloud services that successfully go through FedRAMP’s authorization process signal to federal agencies that the technology is compliant with the most current cyber secure protocols and architectures, without the need to meet siloed requirements between different agencies.

Becoming cloud-smart and cyber-secure

Cloud migration is a primary path for agencies to pursue wide-scale digital transformation. But the key question is how to do so safely without jeopardizing the mission or speed of delivery for vital government services. John Ustica, President and CEO, Siemens Government Technologies, discusses how cloud-smart policies are enabling federal agencies to leverage expanded digital services at scale.

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Mendix Cloud for Government

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