Mendix Cloud for Government

Mendix Cloud for Government

Enterprise-grade Application Development Platform for Digital Transformation in Federal Government

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A federal agency or Department of Defense (DoD) organization can leverage Mendix Cloud for Government as a platform for enterprise-grade application development. Siemens Government Technologies – the wholly owned, cleared, federal arm of Siemens – is the cloud service provider supporting Mendix Cloud for Government  

Secure cloud services can be readily accessed today by federal agencies thanks to the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP®) enabling federal agencies and DoD organizations to reduce duplicative efforts, inconsistencies, and cost inefficiencies to adopt secure information technologies. This transparent and consistent approach to cloud-delivered software and services supports digital transformation in federal government with flexible technology.

While typical off-the-shelf solutions burden customers with a variety of features that they do not need or ever use; the Mendix platform helps federal agencies develop fine-tuned applications to handle agency-specific needs without wasting time or money. This is the advantage of an enterprise-grade application development platform and why Mendix Cloud for Government is a significant opportunity for federal agencies to enhance their vital citizen services. 

Here are six practical uses cases for federal agencies and DoD organizations using Mendix Cloud for Government for enterprise-grade application development to save time and money when building better services that are fast-to-market, first-time-right, and highly reliable: 

  • Deliver innovative projects using IoT and augmented reality. 
  • Build mobile and web applications that provide rich, user experiences. 
  • Automate complex business processes, workflows, and case management to improve operational efficiency. 
  • Reuse components for your organization as the building blocks to modernize digital public services. 
  • Leverage the entire workforce to make line-of-business, web-based, data-oriented applications. 
  • Modernize enterprise applications within weeks compared to months
Mendix Cloud for Government

Mendix on the FedRAMP Marketplace

The Mendix platform is preferred by an established partner ecosystem and a strong customer community in the public sector. FedRAMP promotes the adoption of secure cloud services across the federal government by providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for cloud technologies.  

If you are completing your assessment of service offerings via the FedRAMP Marketplace and are interested in Mendix Cloud for Government, please use our contact us link below to speak with one of our experts at Siemens Government Technologies to discuss your agency-specific questions. 

Explore the Mendix Partner Ecosystem for Federal Agencies

Whatever the nature and scale of your digital transformation and app development need, Mendix and our extensive U.S. partner network is here to help you. Mendix partners are industry leaders sought out to consult, implement, and provide services for integrated applications that meet demanding digital transformation requirements of the federal government.

The breadth of our strategic alliances and partner ecosystem in the U.S. provide a wealth of experience from highly trained Mendix developers. Whether you simply seek to purchase Mendix licenses, development services, national program strategy, development and deployment, you’ll find the answer within the trusted Mendix partner network.

Mendix for the Federal Government

Mendix brings future-ready technology to help the federal agencies, state and local governments, and DoD organizations drive digital transformation in a swiftly evolving world. The American people have high expectations for mobile-native, convenient access to services. Increase accessibility of your core systems through legacy modernization. Enable a responsive organization with multi-experience capabilities online and offline both in the cloud or on premises through your digital public services.

Watch our Mendix video with Developer Evangelist, Ryan Mocke, to see in only 5 minutes how fast you can import data from an Excel document into your app using reusable components that are FREE at the Mendix Marketplace. 

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Customers find us because we are the leading application development platform; they stay with us because security is baked into everything we do. We’ve made security, governance, data privacy, and compliance a priority in every aspect from our platform and applications. And because new threats never rest, neither do we. 

Mendix Cloud for Government is optimized for federal government agencies and DoD organizations to develop apps securely hosted in AWS GovCloud. Designed to host sensitive data, regulated workloads, and address the most stringent U.S. government security and compliance requirements. You can confidently start developing apps in a secure environment and deploy Mendix apps at scale while being compliant with the option to have direct connectivity to private networks. The support from Siemens Government Technologies means you need no DevOps team to setup and manage your hosting, and the infrastructure and operations are managed by a team of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. AWS GovCloud (US) is only accessible to U.S. entities and root account holders who pass a screening process.

Generating business value while mitigating risks and overseeing development seems like a tall order, but it’s entirely possible within Mendix Cloud for Government. The Mendix Governance Framework helps to show how to incorporate new technology, like app development platforms, both organizationally and technically. 

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Mendix Cloud for Government