Resilient and Secure Energy

Strengthening energy security and resiliency

Secure, resilient, reliable energy

Secure, resilient, reliable energy is a national priority. Siemens Government Technologies is powering critical missions through innovative energy efficiency programs and solutions for federal agencies.

Helping our federal customers optimize energy infrastructure

Energy management is integral to government operations. From running bases and training facilities to powering manufacturing plants and communication systems, federal agencies rely on energy to maintain readiness and resiliency for mission operations.

Today, federal agencies are under increasing pressure to not only improve energy security and reliability, but to achieve and maintain annual reductions in energy use and implement energy efficiency measures that reduce costs.

SGT helps our federal customers optimize energy infrastructure to improve energy consumption, reduce associated costs, and strengthen our nation’s energy security and sustainability. As an industry leading energy service company (ESCO), we have been awarded numerous Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESCs), Power Purchase Agreements, and Enhanced Use Leases to facilitate the development of site-specific and regional plans that help agencies modernize facilities and meet energy goals at minimal costs to the government. Our innovative solutions and technologies combined with our experience and expertise enable us to support our federal customers across the entire energy value chain, ensuring continuity of operations and full mission-readiness.

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay

Building the U.S. Navy’s first power plant using liquified natural gas

Military commanders understand the inherent advantages of an “island” energy strategy: reducing reliance on external energy resources to fulfill their critical missions. But when the mission is based on an island – as at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (NSGB), Cuba – energy independence and resilience are not just desired goals or tactical advantages; they’re a necessity.

SGT is helping the Navy address their three pillars of energy security for NSGB through resiliency, reliability and efficiency improvements across the base.

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49% reduction in annual energy costs $845 million in project savings
Cybersecurity for Energy

Protecting critical infrastructure from impacts of extended outages

The fastest growing threat to the United States electrical grid is cyberattacks. For federal agencies and government organizations, almost all military bases and installations are entirely dependent upon the electrical grid for their power. Shutting down the local power grid that supplies energy to a large base, for example, could be as effective as physically targeting the base itself.

As federal agencies turn to digitalization and automation to upgrade their energy systems, this new technology is simultaneously increasing their system’s vulnerability to cyberattacks. With more than 170-year legacy of building and securing critical infrastructure, Siemens stands ready to assist federal customers in enhancing their energy security, detecting anomalies, and responding to threats before damage occurs. Our SIBERprotect™ solution delivers rapid, automatic protection against today's evolving cyber threats. This advanced monitoring and response system can respond to an event within milliseconds neutralizing attacks, activating backups, and thwarting outages.

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Protecting critical infrastructure from impacts of extended outages
Energy Savings Performance Contracts

How Siemens Government Technologies is delivering energy-efficient and resilient solutions for domestic and overseas installations

Lima Army Tank Plant LATP

Lima Army Tank Plant (LATP)

Extending energy efficiency and readiness for Army depots

The Army’s Join Systems Manufacturing Center – Lima is renowned for its production of the M1 Abrams tank and its size, encompassing a footprint of 1.6 million square feet across 40 buildings. Through previous contract phrases, SGT has implemented energy efficiency upgrades, including the elimination of coal with conversion to natural gas for heating, improved lighting, and the installation of a unified utility monitoring control system. SGT is helping the Army improve reliability and readiness through utility distribution upgrades, rate switch and power factor correction. Since the start of the project in 2017, more than $1 million in savings have been achieved.

Naval Station Rota, Naval Support Activity Naples & Naval Air Station Sigonella

Implementing renewable, efficient and resilient energy improvements at three overseas installations

SGT received a multi-year task order ESPC from the Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center to implement renewable, efficient and resilient energy improvements at three installations in Europe. Financed in euros and organized regionally, the ESPC includes multiple installations under one contract, helping the Navy maximize its overall energy savings by leveraging economies of scale across sites. Drawing on Siemens’ expertise across the entire energy value chain, energy conservation measures will be applied to both the supply and demand side of the energy equation at Naval Air Station Sigonella, Naval Support Activity Naples, Italy, and Naval Station Rota, Spain.

Naval Station Rota, Naval Support Activity Naples & Naval Air Station Sigonella

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