Optimization, Sustainment and Automation

Optimizing mission readiness

Optimizing mission readiness

For federal agencies, the ability to remain constantly “ready” includes the availability, uptime, and performance of assets and equipment. Siemens Government Technologies delivers innovative digitalization and automation solutions to optimize mission readiness.

Moving federal customers forward with digital process automation

Today, to keep pace with demand and evolving threats, federal agencies must procure aircraft, ships and vehicles faster, produce smarter products and equipment, operate with fewer resources, and enhance decision-making with data-driven insights.

An integrated digital environment (IDE) that encompasses an entire manufacturing and operational enterprise, from product development to life cycle maintenance, is the key to success in the face of these challenges.

As one of the strongest digitalization and product lifecycle management partners in the federal space, SGT offers government and defense agencies a range of knowledge management, process management, configuration management, and collaboration capabilities that can be leveraged to establish a fully compliant IDE solution. Through the implementation of automation and smart technologies, federal customers can transition from linear, document-centric processes to dynamic, digitally-connected networks that optimize mission readiness.

Providing federal customers with optimization and automation solutions

In the world of Industry 4.0, unprecedented advancements in software and technology are revolutionizing all phases of large-scale manufacturing, from design and production, through a product’s or system’s lifecycle maintenance. As integrators of the globally trusted products and solutions of Siemens, a global leader in process automation and optimization, Siemens Government Technologies helps federal customers remain ready for any mission.

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Digital Factory Division

Enabling flexible and efficient manufacturing processes

The federal government, in concert with aerospace and defense partners, must continually work smarter, faster, and with fewer resources to manufacture and maintain the equipment that support security missions around the world. Siemens Digital Factory provides federal customers with a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions that enable the digitalization, automation, and optimization of all large-scale manufacturing, from design and production through lifecycle maintenance.

Maintaining Mission-Readiness

How SGT is optimizing operations at military installations

Data Center and Facilities Energy Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

Increase the efficiency of its supply and repair operations with PLM software implementation

The U.S. Navy operates large aircraft squadrons across global sites and with multiple variants requiring their own supply chains for replacement parts and components. To ensure mission readiness and maximum fleet availability, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) implemented Siemens’ Teamcenter to increase the capacity and resource efficiency of its supply and repair operations.

Naval Station Norfolk Naval Station Norfolk

Delivering continuous operational improvements for NAVSEA

With the demands on the Navy’s fleet increasing, Naval Sea Systems Command is relying on Siemens software to help support manufacturing and maintenance activities to support ships, carriers and submarines. Using a combination of Siemens PLM software, including Teamcenter, NX, Simcenter, Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP), and Tecnomatrix Plant and Process simulation, the Navy’s shipyards are leveraging advanced digitalization and model-based enterprise (MBE) data to enhance the manufacturing and maintenance activities needed for today’s fleet to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


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