Cybersecurity for Defense

Strengthening our nation’s cyber protection

Cybersecurity for Defense

As cybersecurity threats against our nation continue to grow in scale, frequency, and sophistication, United States federal agencies must defend themselves with speed, agility, and unwavering vigilance.

Discover how Siemens Government Technologies (SGT) is helping the U.S. Federal Government build stronger defenses, disrupt more attacks, and protect the people, economy, and national security of the largest infrastructure in America.

Bolstering resilience with layered deterrence

With the U.S. Government accelerating digital transformation efforts across all agencies, millions of operational technology (OT) devices—the hardware and software that directly controls physical assets within military installations, federal facilities, and power plants—are coming online and connecting to IT networks. As a result, the opportunity for cyberattacks against our nation’s critical infrastructure is amplifying.

At SGT, we help federal agencies build layered defenses to protect OT—sometimes seen in the form of Industrial Control Systems (ICS)—in an increasingly digital world. Our real-time OT cyber-protection solutions monitor cyber threats and provide machine speed cyber-physical response actions to ensure mission-critical assets are protected and remain operable. As the wholly-owned, cleared U.S. subsidiary of technology powerhouse Siemens, SGT is your trusted ally in strengthening our nation’s cyber defense.

The next cyberattack is only a millisecond away

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Increase in cybercrime against OT in 20192

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Increase in cybercrime since the COVID-19 pandemic1

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$6 Trillion

Projected annual cost of cybercrime related damaged in 20213

Mission Secure

OT cybersecurity for U.S. federal agencies

OT cybersecurity is a rapidly changing battlefield that requires awareness, continuous vigilance, superior technology, and information advantages. Stop cyberattacks head-on and safeguard your operations and critical infrastructure with real-time OT protection: SIBERprotect™.

Mission Secure

The most advanced, real-time cyberattack monitoring and response solution for federal agencies

SIBERprotect is an independent, real-time (OT) cyber-protection solution that monitors and prevents cyber-threats, stops the spread of cyberattacks, and bolsters faster remediation by automating physical response actions when disruptions are detected.

  • Provides millisecond response to a cyberattack after notification from configured real-time sources, such as next-generation firewalls, endpoint solutions, and threat/risk intelligence.
  • Alerts users of a cyberattack via lights, sirens, emails, and text messages.
  • Securely places OT into a safe state, isolated or quarantined, upon identification of credible cyberattack to limit risk of contamination.
  • Uses automated rule-based processing to protect selected equipment and determine response actions based on the requirements of each facility.
  • Interacts safely with existing controllers and equipment and across sites for warning of coordinated attacks while isolating network segments to stop the spread of malware and prevent intruder access.
  • Speeds up remediation by simplifying the process of safely restoring systems in the desired priority order.

Learn more about SIBERprotect functionality, advantages, and key features.

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How is SIBERprotect different?


Uses OT automation technology to respond to cyber-threats in real-time


Takes physical protective actions to control attacks (in addition to network responses)


Platform triggers and provides immediate notification of the cyberattack

Synergy / Together

Integrates multiple threat detections solutions simultaneously to increase probability of threat detection


Interacts with IT area and issues immediate response to protect the OT area when IT has a threat

Applications or Use-Cases

Protect your mission-critical assets

From critical infrastructure, such as power plants, to military depots, data centers and manufacturing and repair facilities, SIBERprotect can respond to and dramatically limit the impact of a cyberattack within milliseconds at machine speeds. For federal buildings that rely on OT for comfort, safety and security, SIBERprotect is essential to the ongoing success of your mission.

Power Plants
Power Plants

In a power plant, SIBERprotect issues an interlock signal to the protective relays and circuit breakers to prevent malware from attempting to operate them over the network. The plant can use local control of relays and breakers via secure front panel controls to return them to normal operation after site personnel are confident the attack has been thwarted.

Military Depots and Installations
Military Depots and Installations

At a military deport or installation, following the detection of a cyberattack, SIBERprotect uses OT to activate firewall rulesets in security devices using digital outputs, or, can manage legacy networks by controlling the power to network devices. The system can then perform emergency response actions to bolster facility defenses, ensure continued operations, and expedite remediation.

Naval Shipyard
Naval Shipyard

In a drydock doing work on a nuclear-powered ship, SIBERprotect immediately quarantines critical systems and simultaneously starts up isolated emergency cooling systems and their associated emergency pumps, alerting production and security personnel of an attempted breach.

Naval Ships
Naval Ships

Inside a ship entering a busy harbor, SIBERprotect immediately puts critical systems into a safe, protected state, avoiding malicious or harmful commands from compromised equipment or software.

Data Centers
Data Centers

In data centers, in the event of an attack, SIBERprotect is alerted to IT threats and can safely keep the OT side isolated from the site’s IT network to prevent its spread to OT systems, ensuring cooling, power, and facility security systems operate optimally. As configured, it can activate back power systems and send status updates to facility and security personnel.

Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities

At a manufacturing facility or production plant, SIBERprotect detects attempts to introduce a configuration change that could impact product quality or functionality and immediately brings critical production line equipment into a safe, protected state while simultaneously alerting production and security personnel, aiding in preventing unvalidated products from entering the supply chain.


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