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Siemens Defense Cloud

Siemens Defense Cloud Achieves FedRAMP® Ready Status at the High Impact Level

By Kristin Cochran

Digital transformation isn’t a buzz word or future concept for the U.S. military, rather, it’s something each of the U.S. military service branches is embracing today to fundamentally transform the way national security systems are acquired, tested, fielded, and sustained. The software tools trusted to support such sophisticated systems need to be equally adaptable and available on demand, while meeting the most stringent levels of security. The Siemens Defense Cloud (SDC) is ready to answer the challenge.

The SDC is a SaaS application suite, with the FedRAMP Ready Teamcenter® X product lifecycle management (PLM) portfolio as its foundation. Teamcenter X connects people and processes, across functional silos, with a digital thread for innovation. The unmatched breadth and depth of Teamcenter means that the Department of Defense can leverage new capabilities to solve the tough challenges of sustaining advanced technology systems. From the intuitive Teamcenter user interface, technicians and maintainers across the services can take part in the product development and sustainment process more easily than ever before. Teamcenter has been the trusted and preferred PLM tool across aerospace and defense, supporting programs spanning decades of venerable service to the nation like the A-10, to cutting-edge complex systems in development today by leading aerospace and defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

It’s no surprise that the U.S. Air Force recently selected Siemens Teamcenter to support its digital acquisition and sustainment strategy for critical systems and technologies, enabling the integration of complex technical, design and sustainment data, to pursue lower costs and more predictable schedule and performance of its assets. And the Air Force isn’t alone, the U.S. Navy is also relying on Teamcenter as a core part of its N-PLM strategy in the naval aviation community.

As our government customers’ needs continue to increase in complexity, our Siemens Defense Cloud FedRAMP Ready digital capabilities are paramount to rapid acceleration and delivery of successful programs on time and on schedule. We’re poised and excited to see what our customers will be capable of achieving next as their digital journeys harness cloud technologies, and we look forward to being a trusted partner in helping them solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

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