Siemens Government Technologies Names John Ustica as President and CEO

John Ustica as President and CEO

Siemens Government Technologies (SGT) today announced that John Ustica, 44, has been appointed its president and CEO.

Ustica joined SGT in 2018 as CFO and has more than 20 years’ experience effectively serving Siemens’ customers around the world. He has led diverse teams spanning functions from finance to plant operations and strategy, developing a unique depth of blended technical and operational knowledge of the Siemens advanced technology portfolio. Prior to SGT, he was the General Manager for Generator Products at the Siemens Energy Facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he also led strategic product initiatives for the global generator manufacturing network.

In his role as CEO, Ustica will lead a team that serves as the only cleared provider of Siemens’ expansive technology portfolio for government customers with solutions spanning industrial automation, smart infrastructure and building automation technologies; to innovative product lifecycle management software tools and digital twins connecting the physical and virtual worlds to optimize government operations – including military depots – to better predict full lifecycle system needs more accurately, and reduce costs.

“John has adeptly demonstrated the competency and commitment relied on by SGT’s customers and employees alike in a rapidly evolving government marketplace,” said Anne Altman, SGT Board of Directors Chairman, and long-time IBM federal business leader and senior executive. “With his deep insight and hands-on experience working with the global Siemens’ technology portfolio, he is exactly the leader needed now to address U.S. government customer challenges across a broad spectrum of needs from energy resiliency and security; to cloud delivered digital transformation products and tools; trusted supply chain solutions; and much more.”

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