Supporting the U.S. Army’s Next-Generation Modernization Efforts


Siemens Government Technologies wins seat on $1.2 billion Army modernization contract improving the efficiency and resilience of military infrastructure

A primary focus of the Army’s next-generation modernization effort is the modernization of critical infrastructure, especially at military installations and command centers. To improve the efficiency and resilience of buildings, the Army wants to retrofit facilities so they can track energy usage and trends, deploy Internet-of-Things devices, leverage real-time system control and monitoring, strengthen security, and enhance operations.

In November 2019, as part of this initiative, Siemens Government Technologies was selected for a seat on a utility monitoring and control systems (UMCS V) contract through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering and Support Center. The seven-year, multiple award contract has a $1.2 billion ceiling and is set to end in 2026.

The scope of this program includes design, procurement and installation, and maintenance and service of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment; chiller/boiler system controls integration; fire alarm and fire protection systems; supervisory control and data acquisition systems; utility metering; and other Automated Control Systems. Siemens Government Technologies will install comprehensive, scalable, and secure utility monitoring and control systems into the facilities.

Working with Army officials and project coordinators, Siemens Government Technologies is tailoring automation and control solutions to each facility’s unique needs. Designing solutions to simplify operations and monitoring of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting, the Siemens team is identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, increase digitalization, and enhance comfortability.

Driving forward modernization efforts

Through ongoing work on this project, Siemens Government Technologies will compete with 14 other companies for orders to provide procurement and installation services and perform similar work related to heating, ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment to the Department of Defense. By the end of the contract, multiple federal facilities will be equipped with smart technology that makes the Army more effective, secure, and resilient.

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