Gregory Bowman - Cybersecurity

With the U.S. Government accelerating digital transformation efforts across all agencies, millions of operational technology (OT) devices—the hardware and software that directly controls physical assets within military installations, federal facilities, and power plants—are coming online and connecting to IT networks. 
At SGT, we help federal agencies build layered defenses to protect OT—sometimes seen in the form of Industrial Control Systems (ICS)—in an increasingly digital world. Our real-time OT cyber-protection solutions monitor cyber threats and provide machine speed cyber-physical response actions to ensure mission-critical assets are protected and remain operable. 
In this newest video, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Gregory L. Bowman, J.D., LL.M. stresses why SGT's cybersecurity solutions for the convergence of OT and IT is critical for government customers and their vital national security missions.

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