Executive Leadership

Rebecca Hannahs

Vice President of People and Organization, Siemens Government Technologies

Rebecca Hannahs

Rebecca Hannahs is the Vice President of People and Organization for Siemens Government Technologies (SGT), Inc., the separate but affiliated arm of technology powerhouse Siemens. With project teams throughout the U.S. and overseas, SGT is a cleared provider of Siemens products, technologies, and software to solve some of the most complex government challenges in energy, automation, and digitalization.

Ms. Hannahs leads all aspects of employee relations for SGT as Siemens’ only cleared provider of advanced technology solutions and services for government customers. With extensive experience in employee-focused growth strategies and organizational effectiveness, Ms. Hannahs is responsible for the comprehensive portfolio of people-first policies and programs in pay and retention, talent acquisition, succession and development, and overall employee engagement.

Having started her career in the service-oriented food preparation and manufacturing industry, Ms. Hannahs has often administered all facets of human resources programs and support as an “office of one,” and established a deep competence in the unique policies and procedures for supporting unionized teams. Her experience and expertise were relied on for an extended 20-month phased closure of a company manufacturing facility in 2020, strategically coordinating all associated job referrals and placement, benefits, and retention agreements for a long-tenured workforce. A motivator by nature, she holds multiple professional development coaching and industry certifications and leads a talented team of human resources professionals at SGT today.

Her professional interest in maximizing employee potential translates directly over to her charitable volunteer work, where she supports resume and skills development for underserved communities.

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