Threat actors will continue to exploit our Federal internet infrastructure and thereby threaten our nation’s security. Siemens is a leading provider of industrial control systems worldwide. This gives us unique intellectual domain capital and institutional knowledge to help the Federal Government protect our nation’s industrial control systems.

The essential components of our nation’s critical infrastructure -- e.g. fuel distribution systems, power generation plants, electrical grids and many building automation systems -- entered into use decades ago. They were installed as standalones, isolated from each other. Over time, these networks were connected to achieve greater efficiency. Any working computer in any building can now communicate with any other. Water meter sensors wirelessly send consumption information to a campus’ central monitoring facility. Weapons systems aboard vehicles send and receive targeting information from a Tactical Operations Command post.

These ubiquitous wireless networks have increased our productivity and our vulnerability. We live in an environment that threat actors are now exploiting. The Federal Government acknowledges these vulnerabilities and is pursuing solutions, including Executive Order 13636, “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” and the Department of Homeland Security’s recent cybersecurity initiative.

Siemens is helping our commercial customers in over 160 countries harden and secure their security posture. By adapting and applying this real-world experience to the unique challenges facing the Federal customer, we can help combat the persistent, aggressive and global cyber threat facing our nation’s infrastructure, including buildings, ships and aircraft. The key to a more secure environment is a holistic view of the enterprise. Siemens has the experience to develop the offerings, policies, guidelines and standards that can help protect our nation’s critical infrastructure and respond to the threat of cyberattack.

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